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Design Challenge #1:

Borges Needs a Tiny House

Borges is a city guy. But last summer, the heat made it impossible for him to walk and to think, let alone to write. He needs a place in a cooler area. As a man of words, dreams and labyrinths, he doesn’t know much about architecture, but he did secure a 12 x 12 meter lot where he plans to build a 6 x 6 meter house, or a 4 x 4, or a 2 x 2.

Should you want to for this challenge, you can take into account the fact that Borges’s first name is Jorge Luis. He is the Argentine writer whose short stories changed the course of modern literature. His work is characterized by something called magical realism – the idea that things unseen are more real than the real. What did he have to say about houses? Things like this: “It’s true I never leave my house but it’s also true that its doors, whose number is infinite, are open day and night to man and to animals as well.” He worked for several decades at the National Public Library in Buenos Aires.

The best designs will be available for everyone to visit and edit with the next update! For info on how to send us your building file, check out the design challenge post on our feedback page.

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